Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Advanced Gynaecological Laparoscopy

Delegate Fees:
Delegate fee full course – £800.00
Day 1 ONLY – £400.00
Day 2 ONLY – £400.00
Days 1 & 2 ONLY – £590.00
Days 2 & 3 ONLY – £590.00

Dates: 20th to 21st June 2019
(Suturing Training during Day 1)
20th to 22nd November 2019

Location: ICENI Centre, Colchester Hospital, Essex, UK

Practical Course

Day 1: Laparoscopic cervical cerclage, laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy & salpingectomy & oophorectomy

Day 2: Laparoscopic myomectomy & morcellation, Total laparoscopic hysterectomy & vault closure

Day 3 (half-day): Excision of bladder endometriotic nodule/ bladder repair & Excision of rectal endometriotic nodule/disc repair


*Believed to the the only course that lets you keep your model for suturing, following at least 2 days attendance*

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Interventions in Labour: Learning Outcomes for Upcoming Trainees

Dates: 26th April 2019
Price: £50

A high fidelity simulation day aimed to equip trainees for ST3


  • Fully dilated LSCS
  • Vaginal Breech delivery
  • Malpositions
  • Instrumental delivery
  • Manual rotation
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Labour Ward Masterclass

Suitable for: The course is aimed at ST2-3 levels but all trainees welcome.

This course is aimed to take some of the fear out of the ST2 to ST3 transition and is a high fidelity simulation using state of the art equipment aimed at obstetric emergencies and interventions in the second stage of labour.

There will also be a labour ward masterclass and a take home guide.

The day is practical, trainee orientated and led by experienced consultants and senior registrars.

OSATs will be signed

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Hologic Educational Training Day in Ambulatory Operative Hysteroscopy

Dates: TBC
Time: 09:00 – 16:00

This one-day course covers the benefits and techniques of outpatient hysteroscopy and the modern management of menorrhagia, including an in-depth product overview of the NovaSure® endometrial ablation system and the MyoSure® hysteroscopic tissue removal system, with the Aquilex® fluid management system; advice from experienced Consultant Gynaecologists on building a successful ambulatory business model using the latest NHS hysteroscopy tariffs; ST7 experiences and advice and troubleshooting techniques; practical skills training and simulation, with demonstrations via live links to theatre.

To book and for further information, please contact Nagi Rostom or Gemma Nightingale at [javascript protected email address]

CPD points can be claimed by attending this Course A Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon completion of the Course Sponsored by Hologic®.

Key Interventions in the Second Stage (KISS)

Date & Time: TBC
Course Fee: £100
Suitable for: The course is aimed at ST1-5 levels but all trainees are welcome.
Location: ICENI Centre Colchester Hospital

Improve your skills, decision making and team work when tackling difficult second stage emergencies.

This is practical, hands on, teaching and simulation from experienced consultants and senior registrars.

The day will include practical sessions using mannequins and a human factors-based team-training simulation session in the afternoon with live video-feedback and peer-review.

Areas to be covered include:

  • Second Stage Caesarean Section – including difficult disengagement of the fetal head.
  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Manual Rotation and Instrumental Delivery – including theoretical and practical training on kielland’s forceps
  • Vaginal Breech Delivery

The course is aimed at ST1-5 levels but all trainees are welcome.

The cost is £100 per delegate – lunch and refreshments included

Places are very limited to preserve the quality of the simulation experience. Book online now to avoid disappointment.

Logbooks will be signed!

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