April 2017

Chinese Visit

18 General Practitioners from the Jiangsu Region of China are attending the ICENI Centre this April for a 3 week bespoke educational/training programme, organised in partnership with Essex County Council. The course is designed to give the Chinese GPs an insight into the workings of the NHS Primary Care system from community based structures up to acute services.

Chinese Visit Chinese Visit

Advanced Trauma Life Support Course

A woman with a mock gunshot

A woman with a mock gunshot wound was given methodical and structured medical care at the ICENI Centre, on the final day of an intensive three day Advanced Trauma Life Support course. The incident was just one of several scenarios played by moulages and designed to provide delegates with ‘authentic’ simulated hands-on experience of a traumatised patient.

The course in April is exclusively provided in the UK by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) with the ICENI Centre being one of only four RCS accredited Centres in the UK. A new format for the ATLS is being launched by RCS this summer.

Day 1 & 2 skills teaching pictured below

ATLS course 2017 ATLS course 2017