January 2018

January 2018 Human Factors

The ICENI Centre kicked off the New Year with a Human Factors workshop for staff at Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust, in January.

Human factors looks at the non-technical skills required to improve patient safety. We assume that those present in the team have the relevant qualifications and technical skills to do the job and we look at the effect human factors have on obtaining a positive outcome.

In this course we examine situational awareness and how easy it is to lose this when dealing with a difficult situation. We examine the effect of authority gradient on a team and their willingness to speak up in different situations. We demonstrate how our brains are affected by priming and the need to make a cohesive story from minimal information, which humans want to “do” and often act when they only have minimal information. Communication and language are also discussed; the use of appropriate language in different settings; the delegates are asked to think about their own and team members’ communication styles.

The day is very interactive, with tasks, small group discussions, video clips and informal lectures used to support the theory we talk about. On January’s course all the delegates said they would recommend the course and feedback included


The target audience is vast. We encourage teams to come together so they can use this as a team-building session but it works equally well with individuals. We have Consultants, junior doctors, all members of the theatre team. We have also taught ward staff, labour ward staff and radiology staff. The course content can be made relevant to any area within YOUR hospital.

For further details please contact: Tom.Fryer@colchesterhospital.nhs.uk