June 2017

The ICENI Centre hosted two events consecutively on the same day in June! First the Centre was hired for a one-day course to develop theories and practical techniques in post-operative pain management protocols to help manage and improve patient care. The workshop was held by Halyard representatives who demonstrated how ON-Q therapy works and how it can reduce length of hospital stays and stay related costs.

News of this successful FREE course is spreading as delegates from France and Sweden as well as the UK have already registered for the October workshop. For more information http://bit.ly/ON-Q

Following the Halyard workshop, an evening event was held on Perioperative Medicine, sponsored by Deltex. Over 40 multi-disciplinary healthcare workers welcomed an opportunity to network and listen to presentations delivered in our Lecture Theatre.

For more information on hiring the ICENI Centre Email: ICENI@anglia.ac.uk