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HealthCare Compliance

Industry guidance like the ABHI & EUCOMED codes of conduct are a bit of a dry read. The bribery and corruption act and its notes for implementation even worse. Your own company will have its in-house codes and standard procedures to protect the company from liability and to maintain principled and ethical interactions. This is always a tough one to train and cascade through an organisation.

  • Principles of healthcare compliance
  • What the EUCOMED and ABHI guidance recommend
  • The Bribery and corruption act
  • What is expected of NHS employees in relation to HCP compliance?
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Issues of education and training
  • Can I buy donuts for the theatre receptionist?
  • Working with distributors and dealers overseas
  • Written communication, email, telephone and text communications
  • Scenarios to test understanding
  • vRoleplays with difficult customers
Selling to the NHS

Dates : By Arrangement
Course Fee: £95 per participant

The healthcare landscape has changed dramatically with any qualified provider now able to provide care commisioned by groups of commisioning practices. How does this procurement landscape work?

How do clinical studies help you to sell your products? What evidence is most valuable? When will studies help you?

What about NICE?

  • Commisioning and Procurement
  • The Business Case
  • Tenders
  • NHS Supply Chain
  • Selling with clinical evidence
  • Health Technology Apprasial
  • Economic evaluations

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Intensive Sales Moulages in a mock operating theatre
  • You’re about to set your new territory sales specialist free. She’s been back to the mothership for training and you’ve given her training the localisation it needs with your own sales managers. She knows the products backwards, can detail it to the toughest customer, marketing have briefed her on the latest studies, which she can recite backwards. She’s been on ride alongs and now it’s time to fly solo. What happens when you’re not there?
  • We will work with your sales management teams to design scenarios which will test your sales specialist’s ability to do their jobs and then run the scenarios in our mock operating theatre with appropriate members of the hospital multidisciplinary team to properly evaluate your team members.
    Coaching and feedback will be given in relation to the scenarios and we will provide an action plan for any necessary follow up.
  • Videos of the scenarios wil be provided for in house review and analysis