CTColonography I: Essential Skills

Dates: TBC

Fee: £125

The course has been awarded 7 Category 1 CPD Points

This introductory, one-day workshop is aimed at Radiologists, SpRs, CT radiographers, endoscopy nurses, screening practitioners and specialty doctors with an interest in colorectal cancer diagnosis, providing a multidisciplinary insight into the principles and practical implementation of CT colonography. In particular, the course aims to address the implications of the NHS bowel cancer screening programme guidelines on optimal daily practice.

The workshop is delivered over one day to maximise learning opportunities with minimum impact on study leave allowance. The workshop is intensively taught and has an emphasis on skills applicable to participants’ clinical practice on return to their workplace.

Certificates will be presented to those participants who successfully complete the Workshop and demonstrate competence in the skills taught.

Core practical skills via hands on workshop and live cases:

  • Successfully perform mechanical CO2 and manual colorectal insufflation
  • Understand risks and benefits of IV Buscopan with view to PGD certification
  • Perform preliminary CTC interpretation using 2D and 3D workstation
  • Identify and overcome inadequate distension
  • Obtain informed consent for CTC and IV spasmolysis

Core learning objectives relevant to daily clinical practice via small group / lecture:

  • Colorectal anatomy, gross and radiological
  • Comparison of CTC, Barium Enema and Colonoscopy
  • Current status of CTC for the NHS bowel cancer screening programme
  • Current international consensus guidelines for optimal CTC implementation
  • Risks and complications associated with CTC
  • Bowel preparation: Full vs reduced laxative regimens; practical considerations
  • The importance of adequate insufflation to achieve diagnostic results
  • Radiographer’s perspective: Practicalities, working with endoscopy, frail patients
  • Practical advice for setting up and delivering a CT colonography service
  • Maintaining a high-quality service: Audit, improvement and patient satisfaction

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