Advancing Surgical Training

With multi-disciplinary medical training, innovation and research at its core the ICENI Centre’s mission is to provide medical health professionals the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills using the best technically-advanced, haptic VR training equipment available.

Our current laparoscopy equipment provides learning in hand-eye co-ordination and suturing skills, whereas the ‘state of the art’ high tech simulation equipment, that we are aiming to obtain in 2019, simulates realistic surgical scenarios that are experienced by clinicians in their everyday theatre practice.

The VR haptic simulator will enable improved training and patient safety by allowing the following:

  1. Surgeons and nurses to gain operative experience away from real patients
  2. Surgeons and nurses to rehearse difficult operations before the planned procedure
  3. Surgical trainees to practice procedures before attending the operating theatre
  4. Allow experts in each speciality to train delegates to a level of expertise above the standard of laparoscopy proficiency offered in other regions of the Great Britain and Ireland – ensuring the ICENI Centre retains its position at the forefront of medical education and training

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