Dr Shawis discusses care of the elderly at Conference in Nanjing, China

Health professionals from across the globe came together to discuss care of the elderly during a conference at Nanjing, China, last month.  And, as a direct result of the Trust’s collaboration with our Chinese colleagues from Jiangsu Provisional Hospital, Consultant Teshk Shawis (pictured 4th from right) had the ‘privilege’ to be invited as a speaker – talking about falls in the elderly and Geriatric medicine training in UK .

‘I felt I was privileged….. the experience was unique to see another culture and as a Geriatrician see how different systems work’.

While in Nanjing Dr Shawis visited the frailty unit as well as the geriatrics ward of University Medical School Geriatric Hospital. During this visit, he benefited from some ideas and practise that could be introduced to our frailty clinic here in Colchester Hospital.

Dr Shawis is also planning an observational study on comparing the type of patient in a Chinese geriatric ward to a Colchester hospital Care of the Elderly ward.   Looking at level of dependence, reason for admission, length of stay, reasons for delay discharge, mental state and ADL ability in both wards’ as well as level/ number of nursing and doctor cover for typical 30-bedded ward in both establishments.