March 2019

This March, The ICENI Centre welcomed the return of another successful LAPCO TT Course.  This interactive Course, run by surgeons for surgeons, was conducted by ESNEFT’s Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Miss Sharmila Gupta together with Mark Coleman and Tom Cecil acting as Faculty.

The ICENI Centre demonstrates once again that the level of training provided has worldwide recognition as it welcomed delegates from around the world, in this case Australia, Bulgaria and the USA.

Also on the course were Chetan Bhan and Raaj Praseedom from North London and Eastern Deaneries respectively.  Following their experience over the two days, Mr Praseedom has agreed to endorse the course by including it on their approved list of courses.

Anyone from the East Anglia area wishing to attend this aspirational course should visit Courses

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Pictured: Miss Sharmila Gupta and Tom Cecil teaching on the Course