The ICENI Centre is part  of East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT).

ESNEFT was formed on 1 July 2018 when  Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust and Ipswich Hospital came together under one Trust to provide hospital and community health care services for Colchester, Ipswich and local areas – it is the largest Trust within the Eastern Region of the United Kingdom and employs approx. 10,000 staff.

Following the merger the ICENI Centre has broadened its remit and in 2019 aims to offer first class learning opportunities to a range of specialities including: cardiology, radiology, nursing etc

The centre is working, together with ESNEFT management, to further develop our links overseas and within the first six months since ESNEFT was founded, the ICENI Centre has helped build working relationships between the Trust and partners in China, resulting in the signing of two Memorandum of Understanding Agreements.

In January 2019 the ICENI Centre launched an International ICENI Centre Fellowship programme as well as a UK ICENI Centre Fellowship programme, which will offer salaried contracts to post CCT fellows, providing intensive hands-on training; research and skills development (including free attendance on three of our courses/conference).

If you would like to come and work at the Trust under our fellowship scheme please contact: