Post discharge neo-natal baby course

A post discharge neo-natal baby course that provides important advice and support to novice parents on topics such as safer sleep, immunisation, weaning and lifestyle was the brainchild of Junior Sister Lindsey Harding-Payne, keen to support parent and baby following a traumatic delivery in hospital.  And, what better place to provide 5 weekly sessions than the stress free environment of the ICENI Centre.

The aim of the sessions is to promote health and at the same time teach baby massage techniques to help relax and calm new born babies (and their carers!) whilst potentially reducing associated mental health concerns in parents, which research has linked to neonatal unit admissions

Jules Michael, Neo-natal nursery Nurse at ESNEFT, said: ‘These parents may have a future of frequent hospital visits so it was important to provide a positive side to their experience of the hospital.

It’s also a chance for parents to share their experiences and support each other in what was a traumatic time.’

The diversity of courses at The ICENI Centre means it’s not just the very young patients who are benefiting from ESNEFT’s highly trained medical staff.  One of our upcoming training days is ‘Dementia – More than just old age!’ looking to improve the understanding of dementia across all age groups and how we can manage it.

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