The ESNEFT team front row third from left with Prof Jin Qunhua centre, Melissa Dowdeswell (Director of Nursing) Matthew Tutton (Colorectal surgeon & Director of Innovation, ICENI Centre), Shane Gordon (Director of Innovation, Strategy & Research) Achuth Shenoy (Consultant Gastroenterologist) Shaobin Wu (Clinical lead, Pathology) with GNMU board members

Successful trip to China for ESNEFT colleagues

Five colleagues had the opportunity to travel to the General Hospital of Ningxia Medical University in Yinchuan, China to further establish the relationship between ESNEFT and China.

The visit, funded by the Ningxia Hospital, was aimed at developing ICENI Centre fellowship opportunities within the Trust for doctors and nurses, initiating collaborative research and in turn providing our expertise on improving the quality of their patient care and efficiency and developing their MDT working culture.

The Ningxia Hospital has over 3600 beds with more than 5700 health professionals, of which 2400 are nurses. In 2018 it recorded more than 253,000 patient visits and in excess of 57,000 surgical operations!

On returning home the team will be working alongside colleagues to set up clinical fellowships, develop nursing attachments/placements and further investigating opportunities for joint research projects.

Dr Shane Gordon said: ‘It was excellent….We secured three potential clinical fellows, six clinical attachments, opportunities around commercial training activity and three research projects.’

Dr Achuth Shenoy, on his return said ‘I was pleased to offer assistance to fellow colleagues in a distant land……this visit showed me how lucky we are in the UK to have the NHS, the envy of other countries’

Having previously visited the Hospital in January, Ms Wu claimed ‘Many things have been changed and it is encouraging to see improvement of services as a result of our work…… This is the start of an exciting journey.’

Gumbay!! The trip was a huge success judging by their hosts’ cries of ‘Gumbay’  (a Chinese cultural term during mealtimes to celebrate friendship) – that’s ‘bottoms up’ to you and I.