iGLEAMS 2024 in 3D – East of England Glaucoma Microsurgical Symposium

DATE: Monday 30th September & Tuesday 1st October 2024

**The Royal College of Surgeons of England has awarded up to 7 CPD Points for this event**

SUITABLE FOR: Ophthalmic Surgeons, Nurses, Trainees & Theatre Staff, & Optometrists.



Being held at Firstsite, Colchester City Centre

Featuring Special Guest Speakers:

Mr Leon Au  – ‘The Battle of Schlemm’s Canal: Which MiGS, Who, Why and When.’

Mr Chrys Dimitriou – ‘Real World 24 Month Results of MINIject Surgery and Early Experience with MiMS.’

Professor Crawford Downs – ‘Target IOP?  Poor Thing!’

Mr Dan Lindfield – ‘The Future of Lasers in Glaucoma.’

Mr David Lockington – ‘Pioneering a Simulation Lab for Eye Surgery: Top Tips.’

Mr Velota Sung – ‘MiGS for Kids.’

Ms Neeru Vallabh – ‘Trabecular Imaging Techniques post-MiGS.’

Also featuring special introductions from:

Professor Ike Ahmed – ‘Do You Believe in MiGS after MiGS.’

Professor Keith Martin – ‘New Horizons and Latest Discoveries in Aqueous Angiography and Outflow Imaging.’

The day will also feature a Cinema 3D Session of NGenuity MiGS Cases.



Being held at ICENI Centre, Colchester Hospital

**The Royal College of Surgeons of England has awarded up to 4 CPD Points for this event**

The day will feature the opportunity to gain hands-on practice with MiGS.

You can attend either a morning or afternoon session involving Dry Lab STEMi rotations.


Platinum Sponsors:   Alcon, Glaukos, Oculus

Gold Sponsors: iSTAR Medical, Sight Sciences

Bronze Sponsors: Haag-Streit, Kestrel Ophthalmics, Santen Pharmaceutical

Course Fees:

Consultants Early Bird Rate: £300 (£400 after June)

Fellows Early Bird Rate: £150 (£200 after June)

Ophthalmology Trainees/Nurses/Theatre Staff/HCA/Optometrists Eary Bird Rate: £50 (£75 after June)

Delegate Quotes from iGLEAMS 2023:
  • “Enthusiastic faculty.  Thank you!”
  • “Brilliant set of speakers and up to date information.  I learnt a lot.”
Mr Chrys Dimitriou

Mr Chrys Dimitriou

Course Director and Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Dimitriou is an award-winning substantive consultant ophthalmic surgeon, specialising in modern cataract surgery and glaucoma therapy, as well as all general eye conditions. He regularly performs small-incision phacoemulsification and femto-laser assisted cataract surgery (>33-40 operations per week) both routine and advanced in near-sighted and short-sighted eyes with small pupils, angle closure, narrow chambers, and co-existing glaucoma.

Mr Dan Lindfield

Mr Dan Lindfield

Course Director and Consultant Ophthalmologist

Mr Dan Lindfield is a multi-award winning consultant ophthalmologist and eye surgeon in Guildford and Farnham who specialises in cataracts and glaucoma.  Mr Lindfield was twice ranked amongst the world’s top 100 surgeons.  He has an extensive portfolio of research and academic work which is published in leading peer-review journals.  Mr Lindfield is also the training programme director for ophthalmology across Kent, Surrey and Sussex UK.

Programme for Monday

Programme for Tuesday

Trabeculectomy Microsurgical Skills Course

Date: 2024 Date TBC

Course Fee: ESNEFT Ophthalmic Fellows + MTI: £200

To be held at the ICENI Centre.

Course Details: 

Learn the skills involved in performing Trabeculectomy Microsurgery procedures in a safe environment, using simulated eyes.

Surgical instructors:

  • Mr Anthimos Vlavianos
  • Mr Avinash Prabhu
  • Mr Chrys Dimitriou
Mr Chrys Dimitriou

Mr Chrys Dimitriou

Course Director

Application Methodologies of Dried Amniotic Membrane

Date: Next Date TBC

Course Fee: ESNEFT Ophthalmologists

Course Details: 

Wetlab sessions in:

  1. The Shammas Technique. For severe ocular surface inflammatory conditions using large amniotic membrane sheet.
  2. Multi-layer Amniotic Membrane Graft. For ocular surface wounds of various depths.
  3. Mucosal Surface Amniotic Membrane Patch. Attached through sutureless symblepharon technique.
  4. Omnigen-OmniLenz Application. Outpatient contact lens application of amniotic membrane.

In collaboration with: Kestral Ophthalmics and NuVision.

Surgical instructors:

  • Achyut Mukherjee
  • Ankur Barua
Achyut Mukherjee

Achyut Mukherjee

Course Lead
Ankur Barua

Ankur Barua

Course Lead
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